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July 10th, 2017

The 2nd NEXES App Challenge is now open!

Today at 00:01 a.m. the second iteration of the NEXES App Challenge at the University of Ljubljana, Slovenia has officially begun. You can submit your ideas and apps here.

If you’d like more information about the challenge, read our motivation, details about the challenge, or contact us directly.

We’re looking forward to your submissions!

July 3rd, 2017

2nd NEXES App Challenge opening soon!

After the immense success of the first NEXES App Challenge and the workshop in Athens on May 30, we are preparing a second iteration of the NEXES App Challenge at the University of Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Submissions will open on Moday, July 10th at 00:01 a.m. Central European Summer Time (CEST). Stay tuned!

May 15th, 2017

The NEXES App Challenge has been successfully completed!

Thanks all the participants for their ideas and submissions! We are waiting for you to the NEXES App Challenge Open Workshop Day in Athens on Tuesday, May, 30th, 2017.

May 10th, 2017

NEXES App Challenge, just a couple of days left for your submissions!

The NEXES App Challenge is going to conclude on Sunday evening! You still have time to submit your best ideas clicking here:

May 5th, 2017

NEXES App Challenge Workshop Day – The draft agenda is already here!

NEXES App Challenge is coming to an end and our focus is now cast on its concluding workshop where all the participants will be invited to present their ideas and NEXES is going to award them with a NEXES participation certificate. Proceedings of the workshop will be documented on a NEXES public technical report. Presentations from NEXES technical teams will also enrich the discussions on the Next Generation emergency services and the challenges for current PSAP systems to migrate in the all-IP landscape. A draft agenda is included below for your consideration (remote online accessing of the workshop will be also possible).

Have a look at: NEXES APP Challenge Open Day Workshop Agenda (draft)

April 30th, 2017

NEXES Testbed for testing your Emergency App is now open!

The NEXES Testbed component is now online and ready for use by mobile app developers using the NEXES API, please visit our Download section! You can quickly test it by choosing to use as client the NEXES Mini App provided also by the App Challenge @

April 11th, 2017

See you in Athens on Tuesday, May 30th, 2017!

NEXES App Challenge participants will be invited to share and exchange knowledge in a dedicated open Workshop that is scheduled to be held in Athens on Tuesday, May, 30th, 2017.

March 31st, 2017

For sign language innovators: a new teaser video dedicated to you has already been upload it!

Click here and enjoy!!

March 30th, 2017

NEXES APP CHALLENGE has already started!

Take a look at the Challenge, fit your idea and submit it, clicking here by Friday, May 14th, 2017!

March 4th, 2017

New teaser video (by ICCS) showing utilization of NEXES API from Nexes mini app communicating with NEXES webPSAP and Location Server (hosted by OMNITOR) is uploaded!

See the video here

March 3rd, 2017

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Online Submissions will οpen at March, 6th, 2017 at 00:01 a.m. Athens time (EET). NEXES App Challenge begins very soon! Stay tuned!