Design of future Emergency Services

Features that NEXES would like to explore include (but are not limited to):

  • Voice control integration
  • Seamless 3G-4G connection establishment
  • Seamless location updates
  • Speech to text integration
  • Pre-defined emergency messages
  • Automatically (re-)initiated emergency calls based on user’s event/situation detection
  • Silent triggering (e.g. by gesture recognition)
  • Management of received early warning/public alerts
  • Seamless cross-border operation in different European regions in a standardized fashion
  • Support for users with special needs (such as tourists, early migrants, elderly, citizens with disability and impairments)


All participants are credited with:

  • An opportunity to showcase their emergency App or advanced concept for a future emergency app in a dedicated open NEXES Workshop with expert attendees from all over Europe. Stay tuned with Updates feed!
  • Recognition in the Workshop’s dedicated program booklet handed out to all attendees;
  • An opportunity to get feedback on their envisioned App by the NEXES Community and experts in the field;
  • Potential for media coverage;
  • An opportunity to network with recognised professors, researchers and executives from academia and industry, as well as representatives of emergency services;
  • An opportunity to join NEXES demonstration activities.
  • A NEXES participation certificate.

Last but not least, your creative contributions and fresh ideas may significantly contribute to:

  • Increase the number and the diversity of emergency response Apps, which end-users may choose from, significantly contributing to accessibility, usability and user friendliness improvements;
  • Create direct positive impact for citizens experiencing disability: promote universal access principles, reporting an emergency and getting feedback from emergency services;
  • Reinforce Emergency Services’ interoperability in Europe;
  • Support the work conducted by First Responders in emergency response through novel apps that convey rich information on the event and support bidirectional communication with the user;
  • Generate awareness on Europe’s standardisation efforts on 112 next generation Emergency Services;
  • Promote the development of emergency Apps that apply the pan-European standard for next generation emergency services, encouraging its adoption across Europe;
  • Validate the NEXES API (available through NEXES open and customised interfaces);
  • Promote NEXES harmonised approach to next generation emergency services built on open and customised interfaces;
  • Foster new investment opportunities on enhanced and novel emergency Apps, boosting market competitiveness and creating high-qualified employment prospects;
  • Support Europe’s efforts in maintaining a competitive position in the secure communications field focusing on IP-enabled technologies such as total conversation, user data exchange and location-aware capabilities for emergency services and citizens.


NEXES is a EU-funded research and innovation action to develop a reference implementation of Next Generation Emergency Services, based on pan-European standards and presenting advanced capabilities on Total Conversation communication, enhanced location information.

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