The NEXES Application Programming Interface (API) for Emergency Apps is part of the NEXES core implementation and enables mobile application developers to benefit from an already tested and validated source code which includes key functions for placing emergency calls in an all-IP environment. The API focuses the common application components for next generation emergency services, including the connection to Multimedia Subsystem (IMS), the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) for call initiation, codecs for video, the interface for device data exchange and global navigation satellite system (GNSS) location information. To the best of the participating NEXES partners’ ability, the API uses already available open source components, standards and protocols and makes innovation knowledge available for future novel API implementations for Next Generation Emergency Apps.

The NEXES Testbed is part of the project’s ongoing collaborative work on the NEXES open testing regime and validation framework. If you are an Emergency App developer using the NEXES Mobile API and want to emulate the upstream/downstream of your IP voice/video emergency call you can use the SIP server provided by the NEXES testbed. After successful registration  (please make sure that you are using the right destination IP and Port + your received credentials), the NEXES Mobile (Client) Application is able to initiate Voice or Video SIP Calls to a PSAP MOCK Destination identity (“Emergency Number”) –that includes an automatic 112 robot account to answer automatically to the emergency call.

Please download and follow the instructions for use provided here above. User credentials (SIP accounts) for accessing the Testbed should be first requested by using the contact form @ with the subject “Testbed”. Your request will be processed in one working day and you will receive your personalized accounts in your email provided in the contact form.

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